ACG Server Rules

Rules for All ACG Servers

  1. Disrespect of the server, its owners, or its players is not permitted from any source. ACG does not allow intolerant language such as racist, sexist or homophobic slurs. Don’t be a dick.
  2. Toxic, or generally degrading comments pertaining to anyone, whether present or not, are not permitted from any source.
  3. Pornographic materials shall not be transferred in any way between individuals whom are connected to the server.
  4. Excessive use of the microphone or chat will result in the loss of the privilege. Speaking over another person is not permissible.
  5. The action of hacking, exploiting a map, glitch, bug, or otherwise gaining an unfair advantage over another player is not permissible.
  6. Administrators are here to help in the case of a breach of policy, they are not here to assist in every action.
  7. Spawning/Camping/Being in enemy spawn is not allowed under any means. It will get you kicked/banned.
  8. Don’t NOT use rtd/spells to kill !friendly players on purpose. This is considered glitching and generally being a dick.
  9. Do NOT interfere when 2 agreed upon parties are ‘dueling’ in the boxing ring.


  1. Random Death Matching on achievement/jetpack/fun maps is not permissible unless the act is agreed upon by both parties.

Freak Fortress 2

  1. The act of delaying the round, when there are less than or equal to three non-revived players, by continually running away and/or hiding is not permissible.
  2. The act of continually hiding from the opponent, by cloaking or not, is not permissible.
  3. A non-aggressive or a non-attacking player, from any team, is not permitted.
  4.  In the case of a member of the opposite team choosing to be non-aggressive or stalling, the capture of the arena control point is permissible.
  5. Building underwater sentries is NOT allowed.
  6. NO resizing of head while “Freak”.

Uber Upgrades

  1. The act of crashing other clients or the server by overloading the entity limit on clients is not permitted.
  2. No shooting into enemy spawn (a.k.a spawn camping).

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