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Donator Only Commands | Server Hop |Unique (footsteps, car horn, parachute, tradechat) |Weddings

Commands For All

help – Bring up a list of useful commands for HLStatsX:CE
!rtv – rock the vote (vote to change map immediately).
!nominate – nominate a map for end of round vote. JUST DO IT!
!timeleft – rounds or timeleft for current map.
!nextmap – displays the nextmap after EOR votemap has completed.
!tf2b <player|optional>
!duel – Free duels for all!
!pc <item|optional> – price check an item.
rtd – roll the dice.
!setspawn – to set your spawn location.
!clearspawn – to clear your saved spawn location.
!car – to hop into a kart.
!jp – enable/disable jet pack.
!unusual – to add unusual effects to your weapons.
!friendly – to become friendly. Unable to deal or take damage.
!robot – to become a robot.
!skeleton – to become a skeleton (need to be sniper).
!saveloc – safe you favorite spot then !teleport – after respawn.
votekick, votemute, voteban
effect – rtd effects.
!thirdperson or !tp – changes POV.
!firstperson or !fp – changes POV.
!rules – to show the rules menu.
NEW !autojump – turn BHop off/on.


Donator Only Commands

!ks #,/ks # – set your own kill streak amount.
!ks, /ks -set your kill streak to ‘set killstreak amount’.
!resizemytorso – resize your trunk/torso.
– add a sniper laser (have to be holding a sniper rifle).
!lasercolor – choose your laser color.
!colorchat – add a colored tag, change name and text color
!colorme – whatevercolor (type normal to remove color effect)
!buster – become a sentry buster!

Server Hop

type !servers
By pressing the number of the desired server and then confirming by pressing F3 (default) the player will automatically join the server in question. If the default F3 key doesn’t work for you or you want to bind another key, type this in console

bind “f3″ “askconnect_accept”


Have to Join the Steam Group (type ACGSG – all uppercase).
!footsteps – Footprints Menu


open console, type bind (whateverkeyyourlike) +use

Kart Horn

call for medic while in car.

Trade Chat

/t – to say something on trade chat.
/togglechat – to disable/re-enable trade chat for yourself.
/lt – to resend last offer.
/mlt – to check last offer.


Opens a menu so you can browse all connected singles on the server and propose to one by selecting.

Revokes a proposal you have made.

Opens a menu so you can browse all players who have proposed to you, selecting one will accept the proposal and you will be married. Congratz 😉

Ends your marriage. But why would you do that?

Opens a menu with the top couples, i.e. those who have the highest score. Also displays the corresponding wedding dates.

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